Youth Building Assets for a Viable Future

What We Do

Our Approach

WorkUp equips low-income youth with life skills and asset-building resources, inspires young adults to be the caretakers and stewards of their neighborhoods, and builds meaningful relationships across historical ethnic and socio-economic barriers to enable youth to improve their lives and bring hope to their communities.

Our Programs

WorkUp’s programs are designed as interacting modules. Each module equips youth with specific skills and knowledge base that they use in subsequent modules. In line with WorkUp's mission, all sessions intentionally engage youth in brainstorming about how they can improve their communities and neighborhoods using the resources and skills they have gained.  

WorkUp currently offers three different modules for participants:

  • Module 1: Financial Education: Participants establish matched savings accounts and learn financial literacy and skills to build their assets.
    Example sessions:  Budgeting, Short and long term savings plans, Understanding debt and loans.
  • Module 2: Social Enterprise: Participants apply knowledge gained from Module 1 to create and implement a business that benefits their community.
    Example sessions: Identifying community needs, Mission and vision building,  Budgeting and financial management
  • Module 3: Postsecondary Education: Participants receive support and resources to attain their postsecondary educational goals.
    Example sessions: SAT prep, Interview skills training

In partnership with local and national organizations, WorkUp collaborates with its youth cohorts to build a network of high-quality programs to achieve upward social mobility for themselves, their families, and their communities.